My name is Daniel Palmer and I have been a Dynamics NAV Developer for the greater part of the past two years. In this short blog, I'll be going over how to create a new company and how to copy existing companies. The creation of a new company will be done using a RapidStart Configuration Package.

Creating a company using the RapidStart Wizard

1. When setting up a new company, the first step is to change your Role to the RapdisStart Role.

a. This Role allows access to the built-in RapidStart wizard. You can do this by searching "Profiles" in the search bar of the NAV client, or by navigating through the menu by Administration -> Application Setup -> Role Tailored Client -> Profiles. Once on the Profiles page, take note of the Profile ID that has "Default Role Center" checked. You will likely want to switch back to this Role Center after you're finished using the RapidStart Role.

image 1

b. Highlight the RAPIDSTART SERVICES Profile ID and click Edit. Select "Default Role Center" on the card page that opens. Since you can only have one default Role Center set, this will un-select our current default.

image 2

2. Once you've changed your default role center to RapidStart Services, you'll need to restart NAV.

a. Your Role Center page will be that of the RapidStart Services Implementer once the client opens.

You'll need to press the RapidStart Service Wizard button.

image 3

3. Try to fill in as much information through the wizard as possible.

a. The only required field is "Name", but it's easier to input this information now than it will be later.

b. Enter the configuration package path into step 4. Once uploaded you'll need to press "Apply Package" in the page header.

4. The final step is to select a default profile for that company, then click "Complete Setup". Confirm the company information was applied successfully.

Copying a Company

Copying an existing company is much easier. Search for "Companies", highlight the company to copy, then press the "Copy" button on the header. You will be prompted to select a new name, then this process will take a few minutes to run.

image 4