Overview of CU's

This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.
It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

It is recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.
The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes :

"The length of the string is 30, but it must be less than or equal to 20 characters" error message when you have filtered the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch job for several items by using the "|" as a separator.

Features included in this Release for IN GST

  • TDS calculation in Advance Payment
  • Validation of GSTIN and PAN_2016
  • GST Rounding account entries
  • HSN code not mandatory for Advance Payment
  • Changes in GSTR1 & 3B reports
See GST White Paper Aug 2018 for details.


Before this update can be installed, the following prerequisites are required:
  • Microsoft Dynamics ® NAV 2016 IN CU 34
If a customer has customizations in any objects involved in this regulatory feature, they might require your special attention.

How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.