When you run this command from ribbon Setup->Company Information, you will open page that is different than NAV standard Company Information page. If we look a little deeper, we will see that it is a completely new page – Mini Company Information (1352).

At first glance, there are fewer fields to setting in comparison with standard NAV Company Information page, but there are all necessary information. All necessary information from General and Communication tabs are here (missing only intercompany information; we will not use SB role for complex intercompany systems). All Payments data are placed on Bank Account Details tab. These missing data from Shipping, System Indicator and Registration tabs, but they are not necessary for easy company setup.

What additional we have on this page? We can find many setup commands on page ribbon. All we need to setup for company area is here.

System Settings

You can use Users command fro setup the employees who will work in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The employees must already be set up as windows users on your IT network.

You can run Permission Sets if you want to define which feature objects users need to access and set the related permissions up in permission sets that you can assign to the users of the database.

You can use command SMTP Mail Setup for setup the integration and security of the mail server at your site that handles email.


Currencies command is here for setup the different currencies that you trade in by defining which general ledger accounts the involved transactions are posted to and how the foreign currency amounts are rounded.


You can use No. Series command for setup the number series from which a new number is automatically assigned to new cards and documents, such as item cards and sales invoices. As I said, everything is here.

If you need to setup the posts codes of cities where your business partners are located, you can run Post Codes command.

You can run Source Codes for setup codes for your different types of business transactions, so that you can track the source of the transactions in auditing. Also, by the same principle, you can run Reason Codes for setup codes that specify reasons why entries were created, such as Return to specify why a purchase credit memo was posted.

Regional Settings

Microsoft place all country or language specifics to this section. You can run Countries/Regions for setup the country or regions where your different business partners are located, so that you can assign Country/Region codes to business partners where special local procedures are required.

If you want to use definition for which map provider to use and how routes and distances are displayed when you choose the Online Map field on business documents. You can configure that by Online Map Setup command.

We can use Languages command fro setup the languages that are spoken by your different business partners, so that you can print item names or descriptions in the appropriate language.