NAV 2013 has been there for a while now. And as expected .. there is an updated requirement for the “ERP Competency” for partners. You can find all information here: and I strongly recommend you to read through this very carefully.

A few points that I would like to stress out

  • From May 2013, the SQL exam you need, should be from “SQL Server 2012″
  • From October 2013, all NAV exams you need, should be from version NAV2013

So this means (and this is my own interpretation) .. from October 2013, about all your exams should be renewed. Exceptions I think of, are the Sure Step exams and Sales exams.. .


Your deadline, you mean? Well, the latest date these exams should be renewed is the next date after May/October 2013, that your MPN status is renewed (hope that makes any sense.. If not – comment please, and I’ll try to explain ;-) ).

You can find details about available NAV exams and the preparation you need here.

One remark

There is a difference (and that’s not too clear to me, because I don’t really handle contracts..) between your SPA contract and the MPN (ERP competency):

  • For SPA, it’s good to have current versions (NAV2013) and version -1 (NAV2009) certifications. More info here.
  • For MPN, you need to have the certifications for the current version within 12 months of the W1 release. More info here.