I could go and write an extensive article on it here. But I’m not gonna! I’m going to make it super duper easy on me.

Microsoft Dynamics365

This week, my fellow MVP and friend James Crowter went to WPC (World Partner Conference, aka, THE biggest reason for managers to spend loads of money to be away and party – oh yeah – and to learn about Microsoft’s focus for the upcoming year  ).

And guess what. James took the time to guide us through what Dynamics365 really is all about – or at least what it is going to be about. He wrote an article called “Q&A on Dynamics365” and I can only strongly advise you to carefully read through this and get yourself informed.

The main thing that I was confused about in my previous post, has been answered: Project “Madeira” IS going to be part of Dynamcis365 – it’s going to be the “Business Edition”, which is targeted at SMB.

NAV 2017

And that’s not all. It was also announced that for the on premise version – or how do you kids call it these days (classic?)? And apparently (as the title already suggested) it’s going to be NAV 2017.

I must say, I’m not too happy with that. And that is because of the current CfMD certification process. ISVs need to certify their product, and the certification needs to be on the current version, or one below. At this rate (every year there is a new major version (2015-2016-2017)), we need to certify every 2 years. And if you ever did the CfMD process – this is something you don’t want to do every two bloody years… .


As said, I did not visit WPC, so I’m going to make it easy on me and end this post with some other resources from people that got their info first hand (at least I assume):