Originally, to correct purchase document it is necessary to use document Purchase Credit Memo.

But there are cases when you don’t want to Credit-memo, it where mistakes with amount but quantity is correct or you had mistake with quantity in one line of purchase order only and other…

I want to describe different cases when it Is necessary to create corrective documents in different situation. Also  I want to mention about new features for correction.


How to correct purchases with wrong amount

When you have problem with wrong amount in Posted Purchase invoice–wrong purchase prices, wrong currency  and ect it should be corrected with item charges. In this case you purchased correct items and correct quantity of items.

If you need positive adjustment it is necessary to create invoice
If you need negative adjustment it is necessary to create credit-memo


Adjusting purchase prices on PO’s when items have been transferred

If items were transferred, you can also use credit-memos and invoices for correcting cost amount.  After running Adjust and post cost reports system will create cost correction entries.


Steps for correction invoice with wrong currency:

Original posted invoice with items for purchase receipt
New credit memo with item charge for full amount in wrong currency for purchase receipt
New invoice with item charge for correct amount and correct currency for purchase receipt

How to correct quantity in Purchase order different situations

If you receipt items in PO and not invoiced  - to correct quantity you can use Undo receipt function in Posted Purchase Receipt

If you receipt items in PO and invoiced  - to correct quantity you have to use Credit Memo to correct PO

If you receipt item in PO and transferred it – to correct quantity you have to create new Transfer Order to return item quantity to original location and after that you have to create Credit-memo to correct Purchase Order.

 If transfer order may not be used, adjust quantities the quantities need to be adjusted:

  1. Update  necessary quantity for the original location
  2. Undo receipt
  3. Post a new receipt with correct details and quantities
  4. Reverse the item quantity movement posted in the step 1


New features (NAV2017)

In  NAV2017 you can find in Posted document very useful functions:

-          Correct – system creates and posts Credit Memo  with Correction checkmark, creates and opens New unposted copy of posted invoice.

-          Cancel – system creates and posts Credit-memo with Correction checkmark

-          Create Corrective Credit Memo – system creates and opens Credit Memo with Correction checkmark