Today I’ve streamed the Fun with Interfaces video blog at and the recording is now published online.

This was the first session I ever delivered about interfaces, and I actually planned delivering this a lot earlier (I made a suggestion to run this at Directions ASIA before corona crisis hit), but never had a chance. I now polished the demos a bit and delivered it as-is (no slides, really, so – no theory, just practice).

I will have more to say on interfaces, definitely. Stuff like dependency injection, inversion of control, testability, etc. is all very interesting to discuss and very useful in our daily life with AL.

My today’s session not only shows what you can do with interfaces, but also what you cannot, and why. Maybe, who knows, at some point we get some improvements to address some of pain points from my video.

Thanks to everyone who joined me today, and I am looking forward to see all you next week in “Making InvokeExtensibilityMethod work” session.

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