"I was invigorated after returning to the office from Focus, the excitement and enthusiasm from the sessions stay with you and empower you to motivate others." - DougLombardozzi, Senior, Director of Information System, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.

Focus is a deep-dive training conference dedicated to the success of Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, CRM, NAV and Power BI users. The Focus Programming Committee is working diligently to determine the most relevant and useful session topics based on YOUR session proposals, plus your comments, surveys, and feedback galore to provide you with the content you want. The final session line-up will offer 90-minute, intermediate/advanced-level sessions taught by technical experts, additionally beginner content for Power BI. Click here to view the track descriptions for an overview of what to expect.

One dedicated member of the Focus Programming Committee is Doug Lombardozzi, Senior, Director of Information System, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. Doug attended Focus in 2017 and is one of the Developer Track leaders for Focus this year. He is a seasoned, information systems and technology professional with over 35 years of experience supporting corporate vision and strategic direction and has been a Dynamics NAV user since 2001. 

In his Q&A Doug shares how he found attending Focus to be a valuable experience and explains why he believes others in the Dynamics NAV community should also attend.

1. What made you decide to attend Focus in 2017? 
We are planning an upgrade from NAV 2009 RTC to 2016, and my main reason for attending Focus was to learn, firsthand, from *real users*, subject matter experts and Microsoft MVPs about the upgrade process and any issues that may affect my company. 

2. What was your biggest take-away?
It is healthy to get out of the office and to meet new people and talk with your peers. I love talking with people that are passionate about NAV. When you hear others talk about their challenges and experiences, you always take-away something from the conversation. I was invigorated after returning to the office from Focus, the excitement and enthusiasm from the sessions stay with you and empower you to motivate others. 

3. How will Focus help solve an overall company issue and/or a problem an individual might face in their role?
Regardless of role or the complexity of the problem, you can find a deep-dive session that will provide answers and fresh ideas to consider. If your problem is more complicated and requires a deeper understanding, you can always track down a subject matter expert or Microsoft MVP who will befriend you; this is my favored approach because you not only walk away with ideas and information, but you’ve made a friend.

4. What is your job as one of the Developer Track leaders for Focus this year?
To assure the developer track sessions offer a focused, in-depth learning experience and are relevant to the NAV development community.

5. What makes Focus unique when compared to other Dynamics conferences, such as Summit? 
Concentrated sessions aimed at NAV’s core competencies. You deep-dive into topics where learning is example-rich and detailed. The sessions at Focus are longer than sessions at Summit allowing for a greater breadth of content, a deeper learning experience and the ability to spend more time explaining and answering questions. 

6. Why do you think others will benefit from attending Focus?
We all lead busy lives, and our time is valuable. If you work with NAV in any way (Administrator, Developer, CFO) and need to elevate your game or solve a company problem than this is the best place to get answers, network with subject matter experts and Microsoft MVPs and to talk with users in similar job roles and industries.

The full Focus conference runs May 21-24, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN, with NAVUG sessions taking place May 21-22. Register by February 28 to take advantage of the Early Bird discount and save $100. 

Will you be joining Doug this May in Indianapolis?