Came across this today. The first book detailing how to implement NAV 2009.

According to the publisher:


What you will learn from this book

  • Discover the new features in NAV 2009 such as the 3-tiered architecture, the RoleTailored client, and Web Services Enablement
  • Learn about the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model and how to apply Role-Centric Thinking to your NAV implementations
  • Avoid common implementation mistakes by benefiting from the expert insights of NAV consultants with over 20 years of ERP experience
  • Improve your solution design expertise with basic accounting principles
  • Explore the extensive personalization capabilities of the RoleTailored client
  • Discover programming for non-programmers by creating NAV objects without writing code
  • Learn about the phases in Sure Step and why an implementation methodology is so important to successful projects
  • Create useful add-ons and extend your core application using web services enablement


Link to pre-order the book:

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