Contacts are important part of our network for our day to day communication.
Although even if we need it everyday, there is also a need for them to be integrated directly into Business Central.
Well, it started from a community question and seems like Microsoft Flow is the fastest and the easiest method to resolve this issue.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Microsoft Flow.


Microsoft Flow's standard 'Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts' Flow.


1. Creation of Web Services for Contact:
Creating the Web Service
Goto Webservices > New > Fill the Type as Page and ID as 5050. > Give the Webservice Name > Publish.

2. Creation of Microsoft Flow to move you E-mail contacts to Business Central:
Using the 'Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts' flow, you can modify the flow to integrate Contacts into Business Central.
Removing the add Contact to Google Contact Action
Adding the HTTP Action to Insert the Contact into Business Central using Web Services
Adding HTTP with POST method will allow you to Insert a Record into Business Central.You can set the body contents as per the fields that you want.

Adding an Email Notification
After your contacts are created in Business Central, in order to provide you with a notification you can send an Email.

3. After creation of Contact in Business Central:
Contact created after running the Flow


Thus, although pretty straight forward, you can move your contact from your Office 365 Contact List to Business Central.