A Guide to Selecting Dynamics 365 Apps for Manufacturing & Distribution

Insight works has mastered the act of producing project-focused add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics business central apps, with a keen interest in assisting manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution (MWD) companies to scale at large. This focus has helped insight to position itself as an authority in project execution and technology development for MWD companies. There are various devices to use with dynamics 365 Business central apps; however, knowing the right device to use can save your Business a lot of stress. Let’s discuss the different devices you can use with your dynamics 365 Business Central apps.

Apps for Warehouses and Advanced Inventory Counts

Insight works carefully selected apps such as warehouse, WMS Express, and Advance Inventory Count to help users easily scan barcodes to coordinate business operations in a warehouse. The barcode can be scanned using a mobile computing device equipped with a scan engine. Business central is linked to the mobile computer to interact in real-time. Mobile computer manufacturers such as Honeywell, Zebra, and Datalogic produce a variety of devices depending on your specific warehouse needs. Label printers are also important devices to consider. There are a lot of times when
there is a need to affix a barcode label on products.

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