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This is nothing most of you would be interested in. This post only show steps about how to Restrict a User to Login into Navision Database From Same User ID.

If you don't know this, then please go ahead.

The intended readers for this post are the Peoples who have recently joined and are still Learning NAV. Based on Request received via Contact Form..

In NAV 2013 and Later Microsoft we can get this information via a table named as Active Sessions (Table ID - 2000000110).

This table contain information about all the active session into the database.

For Restricting multiple Login we can use Codeunit 40 - LogInManagement.

So let's see how we can achieve this -

1. Design Codeunit 40, Navigate to Function CompanyOpen().

2. Append Below Lines as below -


ActiveSession.SETRANGE("User ID",USERID);
ActiveSession.SETRANGE("Client Type",ActiveSession."Client Type"::"Windows Client");
IF ActiveSession.COUNT > 1 THEN
  ERROR('You are Already Logined');


Where - 
ActiveSession is of type Record Active Session

The Client Type have following Options -
Windows Client,SharePoint Client,Web Service,Client Service,NAS,Background,Management Client,Web Client,Unknown

Above Code will Stop Windows Client to use multiple session with same User ID.

Let's see how it executes -

I have successfully opened the first session with my User ID (as shown in background), when i tried to open the next session i got below listed error message.

I hope you find the post useful and let me know the feedback of such basic navision post on the Contact form or as a comment to post.

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