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    var flashvars = { xmlPath: "", cssPath: "", fontPath: "http://thinkaboutit more
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    Are you interested in Dynamics NAV 2013? Would you like to get the latest in depth information on what’s new functional and technical? Then this might be very interesting… MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV 2013 APPLICATION BOOTCAMP This  NAV 2013 more
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    A couple of days ago when I was delivering a Report Design in Dynamics NAV 2009 training one of the students had a very strange problem. Being an experienced trainer I thought I had seen all possible bugs and ‘undocumented features’ of the more
  • Blog Post: GetUidOffset()

    Something new I learned this week  is that appareantly there’s a function GetUidOffset in CodeUnit1 (and it has been there for a couple of versions). GetUidOffset EXIT(0); // =0 --> control- and variable ids are assigned // based on license more
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    What if a user asks: Could you create a report showing the inventory by Item, but in all of our companies? Sometimes I see the strangest  and most exotic constructions or C/AL coding to answer these kinds of questions, when a more simple solution more
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    I’m learning about #SQL2012 by watching video sessions at the #SQLServer 2012 Virtual Launch Event:  ! This whitepaper provides an overview of the new features, benefits, and functionality in Microsoft SQL more
  • Blog Post: NAV 2009 Field Groups (DropDown) and the usage of Keys

    Recently I had to change the list of available fields in a DropDown  box on a page. As you might already know, a DropDown  is a result of a field having a TableRelation . For example, on a Sales Order page there’s a field “ Sell to Customer more
  • Blog Post: Why RepeatWith isn’t that interesting as it could be…

    Recently I prepared a blog post about a property RepeatWith available in RDLC reports that has the potential to revolutionize the way that we create document reports in Dynamics NAV 2009. It went like this: When developing reports in Dynamics NAV you more
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    Packt Publishing Celebrates its range of Microsoft Dynamics books/e-books all month! Packt Publishing is crowning February, Microsoft Dynamics Mayhem, and celebrating its range of Dynamics books/e-books with exciting discounts. As the leading publisher more
  • Blog Post: Experimenting with Table data regions

    Did you ever had to outline information on a report? For example, the user asks you to move this field a little to the left or right, or can that textbox be a little bigger because sometimes it’s just not big enough? Or can you also add this information more
  • Blog Post: Adding comments in RDLC

    Comments usually go into the Documentation() trigger in your report object, but sometimes you want to be able to also put comments in the RDLC layout. For example when you have put controls behind each other and depending on a certain expression you more