1.      General Permission should be Edit , this is for the whole page property. It must not be hide!

If it is view,whatever setup in the line, no field can be Edit.

We can define in the line to View or hide all , and Edit some fields or show some fields.

2. Before uncheck Copy User Security Setup of Field Level and Data Security Setup, we can not change or delete User Security Setup records copied from Setup Company.

3. About NAV code with a language using Unicode must be removed before running the implement process. The files read and created is regular text files and that is not supporting Unicode. Use the Function Tools, Language Module, Export and change the Unicode languages to ENU caption before running our installation process. After the process finish select the objects again and Run the Import of the Language.

4. About Actions,  we can only click Actions in Edit status



We can hide Actions by hide permission:



5. Data Security : On the line for Page 0, drill down on Fields. Add a line for Field ID 21, Filter Type Hidden and Filter Value DOMESTIC. Since we are specifying the filter on the default Page 0 line, this will be the default filter for all pages not otherwise specified. 

When this Data Security Code is assigned to a user, the user will only have access to customers with a Customer Posting Group of DOMESTIC. This will apply to all pages not otherwise specified, including lists used in lookups. 
Note: If the user(s) will have access to add new records, then the filter should take into consideration a blank posting group, and the filter should be entered as below using two single quotes. 

6. User Security Setup : From the menu select User Security Setup and click New. Leave User ID blank and enter Source Table 18 Customer. 

By setting up a record for the blank user, this will be the default value for all users not otherwise specified. This allows for setting up a default setting that is most restrictive and then opening up permissions only for the users that need additional access.

7. You can choose more than one code in salesperson or responsibility in User Filter, in Data Security Code, the filter Value, you can choose %UF_SALPURC% for salesperson filter in User Filter.