Hello Readers,

you can use same Business Central app file in Business central OnPrem version.


Just install the app with Powershell, sharing few commands which will help you to install app on OnPrem version.

  1. Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted 
  2. Import-Module 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\130\RoleTailored Client\NavModelTools.ps1'
  3. Import-Module 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\130\Service\NavAdminTool.ps1'
  4. get-NAVServerInstance
  5. Get-NAVAppInfo -ServerInstance dynamicsnav130
  6. Publish-NAVApp –ServerInstance DynamicsNAV130 –Path “C:\<your_App_Filefolder>\your_App_FileName.app”
  7. Uninstall-NAVApp  -ServerInstance dynamicsnav130 -Name "Publisher_Name" -Force
  8. Start-NAVAppDataUpgrade -ServerInstance dynamicsnav130 -Name "Publisher_Name" -Force


Sachin Chavan