I have an interesting topic, which can be useful to automate some manual work, but until now I didn't found any solution to it. The difficulty of setting up OCR service in NAV 2018 with KOFAX. This service theoretically allows me to send to KOFAX documents, like a purchase invoice, it can recognize the information and can send back to Dynamics NAV 2018 the information in the correct fields, from which you can create Purchase order / Invoice, etc.

Once created  account on KOFAX site (https://nav.readsoftonline.com),  I've create 2 users, one with user role and one with admin role.

- In dynamics NAV 2018, in "OCR Service Setup (page 1270)" cardI've manage to set up the communication between KOFAX.

- In "Incoming Documents (page190)" list, I've also managed to upload a document and sent it to KOFAX, on their website I was able to see it, and also to send in back to NAV. The problem was that it doesn't send any information back to NAV.

- By contacting KOFAX support, I've discovered that obviously you need to set up the data exchage in NAV somewhere, so I've found "Data Exch Def Card (page 1210)" card, where theoretically you need to set up, the information.

As far as I've discovered the data exchange you have to set in a set of pages like 1210 / 1211 / 1212 / 1213 / 1214 / 1215 / 1216 / 1217 / 1218 / 1219. And here I get stuck, because I have to set up Data Exchange Definition” for OCRCREDITMEMO and OCRINVOICE, column structure. As below we can see it.

I've searched through Google, Youtube, forums, but can't find any relevant detailed description about where and what parameters I must set up. 

On Youtube only the already set up service I've found and that's looking great, but to reach there, no one tells how.

It would be helpful a step by step description, video, piece of advice, anything about how set up, Exchange Definition” for OCRCREDITMEMO and OCRINVOICE, column structure, and if somebody already set this up, there is anything else what should be done further?

Thanks in advance!