Trust you are doing well.

We are currently using 2013 R2.

Ours is a complex batch manufacturing setup for processing high-level FG orders (6 to 8 BOM levels, 500+ cataloged FGs). There is significant commonality in components used across FGs across work centre types.

To rationalize in NAV we have decided to use a hub-spoke inventory structure where all output would be dumped in the hub at end of each shift so that it can be transferred anywhere as required. Since NAV accepts only 1 SKU per location per item, we are forced to group all subcontractors performing identical activities in a single location so that NAV planning worksheet does not overestimate production requirements while replenishing at the hub. 

However, we need to track stock lying with various subcontractors for execution and compliance purposes. Is there any way we can address this requirement in NAV?