So, What Have You Done?

Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management Group

Did you attend Convergence?  This year was my first time presenting at the event, while I have spoken at several past Stampede's and nine Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conferences, I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of the various breakout sessions and the keynote speakers.  It seemed that the titles for every session were exciting, topical, relevant and based upon reading many of the evaluations, most attendee's came away with fresh ideas and better understanding of the technologies and human skills.

So, what have you done since Convergence?  Are those pages of notes, hand outs and PowerPoint slides still on the shelf?  As a professional speaker I have attended hundreds of events and conferences where thousands of people walk through the exhibit halls and attend sessions, however I am always curious as to the real impact that attending a conference has on the individuals and their business.  So, what have you done?

If for some reason you got back home  and to your office and your to-do list actually grew and a few fires had to be put out and you have not taken action I have listed proven ideas to help you  move forward.

  • 1) If you still have your files or notes from the Convergence re-read them and create a priority list or ranking of the ideas you thought were enlightening. Then set completion dates for each priority item.


  • 2) If you attended with others from your office, hold a Convergence meeting where each person discusses their priority items and action plans. This action will begin to hold everyone accountable and is a good mutual support group.


  • 3) If there is a very important action item on your priority list and you need additional insights to help you complete the task, take a proactive approach and connect with the particular speaker. They are always willing to share additional insights or provide you the information you are missing to accomplish your priority item.


 4) If you exchanged any business cards while you were in Atlanta, send an email to each person asking them what their top three priorities from Convergence are and ask them: "So, what have you done?" You might receive a few emails based upon this column too!


and skim thru the "recap" and virtual events to see if you missed a few sessions because of conflicts or other meetings and spend time reviewing or downloading additional information, PPT's or tools.  It is a great resource.  You might even invite others from your office that did NOT attend Convergence to review the site to see if any of the presentations would be important for their jobs.

 There is always a lot to do, but attending a conference of any kind is an opportunity for professional development and improving organizational effectiveness. Our challenge is take advantage of the opportunities we are given and increase our professionalism. The definition of a professional is: making a commitment to a calling or profession that an amateur is unwilling to do. This commitment to improve is the key to building a successful career and business.

 I would like to hear from you; what are/were your top three priorities based upon attending Convergence and if you have additional ideas to help yourself or others "jump start"  their Convergence action plan, let me know those ideas as  well.

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