Brought to you each month by the students, mentors, and presenters of The Genius Series…

Two minds are better than one. Ten minds are better than two!

This month’s geniuses explored list building, borrowing, and buying. Five (at least!) valuable hacks were pulled from the conversation…

  1. David Gersten with Bond Consulting Services shared Dux-Soup, which is a lead generation tool for LinkedIn. This tool visits thousands of profiles with one easy click to increase connections, and ultimately sales.
  2. This month’s mentor, Kaitlyn McKendry with Vicinity Manufacturing, shared Social Jukebox, which like Hootsuite, helps you manage your social media outreach.
  3. Tara Grant with Jet Reports shared how they use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, InMail, Autofill, and Dynamics 365 Insights to keep their lists clean and targeted. Although LinkedIn Autofill makes it quick and easy for prospects to fill out forms, Tara noted that it also led to more fake names and aliases.
  4. This month’s presenter, Barbara Pfeiffer with The Partner Marketing Group,shared a number of websites to help with forms, buttons, and popups. Check out these to see how they can help you convert leads into opportunities:
    1. SumoMe
    2. Aweber
    3. Picreel
  5. The Genius Series group also discussed Sponsored Selling and the importance of signing up for and belonging to Association Forums, especially if you’re targeting a niche vertical. Make sure to create and provide something valuable (eBook, reports, videos, etc.) before trying your hand at Sponsored Selling to these Forums.

The Genius Series will dive into Lead Nurturing and LinkedIn Sales Navigator next month.

Until then, happy marketing!

The Genius Series is a learning and networking opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics Partner Marketers. This nine-month program is currently on its third year, but if you're interested in becoming a student next year, please reach out to me at