We want to make sure that you know about the end of support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. For most people, the only immediate impact is that Microsoft will no longer release updates for the operating system. However, for retailers (especially in the United States) the impact can be higher. For example, because the PCI Security Standards Council does not consider systems that use out-of-lifecycle operating systems to be PCI compliant, retailers running Windows XP, regardless of their payment software, could encounter issues with their banks.

The better news is that, as soon as the operating system is upgraded, implementations of Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 and Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 that were running on Windows XP remain PCI compliant. Also, both programs are supported on more recent operating systems, including Windows 8.1.

For more information about Windows XP end-of-support and upgrading to Windows 8.1, see this page:

Click the following link for a list of all operating systems that are supported by Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0:

Click the following link to display the Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 Service Pack 2 download page that contains the system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009:

Note Windows XP will remain on the lists of supported operating systems for Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 and Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 until the end-of-support date for Windows XP.