If you're trying to determine which PVRec record (from the PVRec.csv file or the PVRec table) a specific field is using -- follow these steps:

Let's take for example the Reference Nbr field of the Quick Voucher and Pre-Payment Entry (03.020.00) screen.

1.       Log into SL

2.       Open the Quick Voucher screen

3.       Go into Customize mode (ctrl +alt+C)

4.       Put focus on the refnbr field

5.       Hit F4 to bring up the property window

6.       Check the “PV” value:  (it is set to apdoc_qcpp_refnbr for this field)

From here, if you need to run just this record and not the full PVRec.csv, you can:

7.       Head to the SL program files (typically on the server at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications)

8.       Locate the DB folder and within that the CSVs folder

9.       Find PVRec.csv and open with Excel

10.   Do a search for apdoc_qcpp_refnbr

 11.   Copy this row out and paste it into a new excel workbook.

12.   Save it as something like “Quick Voucher RefNbr PV.csv” (this is what I’ve attached)

13.   Back in SL, you can close out of the property window if you haven’t already and close out of the screen

14.   Go to Administration > Possible Values Import.

15.   Click “Enter File Name” > (find your .csv file that was just created in step 12/the one I’ve attached).

16.   Click “Begin Process”.

NOTE:  You’ll likely get a warning message that says: 

System Message 6913


The process has found a duplicate record in the PVREC table.  Do you want to delete each duplicate record found during processing and replace it?  'No' will prompt you for each duplicate found.  'Cancel' will abort the process.


Yes   No   Cancel  

Just click Yes

17.   Click OK to the message that it processed properly.