One of the tools I use on a daily basis (as a Power Platform consultant) is Natraj Yegnaraman’s Level Up for Dynamics 365. It’s an extremely usefull tool that helpt me developing, analysing issues, navigate through the application and many more.

Unfortunately, this tool is made for Google Chrome only, since it’s a Chrome extension. And since I have multiple orgnisations and tenants open on a regular basis, I also use other browsers than only Google Chrome. Lucky, from now on you can use Chrome extensions in the new Microsoft Edge!

Get Edge to install Chrome extensions

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Chlick on the Settings (three-dotted) button on the top right corner and select Extensions
  1. Turn on Allow extensions from other stores and click Allow afterwards

Install Level Up for Dynamics 365

  1. In Edge, open the Chrome Web Store and go to the extensions page (or just use this link  )
  2. Now just click Add to Chrome and you’re all set to go!


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