Today as NetHope 2018 in Dublin, we announce the release of our first ever Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform team have partnered with the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact Team or (TSI) to release the first platform nonprofit accelerator. The nonprofit accelerator was built by teaming up with partners, customers, isvs, TSI and product engineers from Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform and represents our v1 MVP release.  


Please visit Smith Codio's First Look on the Non-Profit Accelerator posted HERE.

Overview of the Accelerator

The accelerator is designed to enable ISVs, Partners and Customers to rapidly build nonprofit applications that span the Microsoft ecosystem, including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure. The accelerator was built to support data standardization through an industry specific set of Common Data Model extensions, that provide a schematized way to support nonprofit capabilities across platforms and solutions.

The accelerator is intended to be ever evolving, driven by community and industry feedback, supporting different functional areas, such as fundraising, program delivery, constituent management and more. The accelerator itself contains the following

  • Over 30 new OOB entities covering program delivery, fundraising, constituent management and awards

o   All of which can be used with Power Apps, Flow, Power BI and Customer Engagement

  • OOB forms, views and sample dashboards that cover the new entities and attributes
  • Extension of existing entities to grow support for Marketing campaigns and other functional use cases
  • Support for building Canvas and Model Driven applications
  • Support for Power BI, Azure and ML integrations to build complete analytic applications
  • OOB UCI application, demonstration building persona-based applications in Dynamics CE
  • Installable solution on AppSource to support CDS

Sample Views

While leveraging the accelerator here are some examples of what you will see

  • Updated Sitemap



  • Sample Dashboards


  • Donor 360

Let’s Take a Look at the Accelerator

  • Download Accelerator from AppSource Here
  • Download Accelerator documentation from GitHub Here
  • Download the managed and unmanaged solution packages directly Here

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