Recently, our organization was updated to the new major update 2020 Wave 1.

As everyone knows, along with many new and exiting great features, this brings some not so great changes to the system that causes a problem amongst the end-users.

Recently I've noticed that if i search for an Account or Contact in the respective entity, i search only in My Active Contacts/ My Active Accounts view.

Like any CRM administrator (i hope everyone doing it), I've checked how this will behave in the classic interface. Everything seems to be normal.

After I took a closer look at the search filed in both, classic and UI I've noticed something that explains the problem. Even dough I was in My Active Accounts view, the search bar was saying "Search for records"

But... the in the Unified Interface, the same box was saying "Search this view"

It seems that in UI, the search was looking only in My Active Accounts list, and that's why I didn't return any results when there wasn't a match.

NOTE: this was tested and reproduced on two separate tenants, deployed on two different regions.

Troubleshooting the problem

Most of you will start troubleshooting by checking first the Quick Find View (find columns), which I also did! All the columns were untouched, even dought I've decided to publish once again and test, no luck!

Then, you will probably go and see if the Account and Contact entity are still present in the Relevant Search settings in Customization > Customize the system. I did the same, and there was no problem there as well.

What else left? Last but not least you will maybe check the Settings > Administration > System Settings. Apparently there is an option Yes/No type that was switched off or it wasn't there before (I'm not quite sure), which doesn't allow searching in other lists throughout the quick find.

After enabling it, I've notice that now in UI, the message in the search box has changed to "Quick find"

Which indeed now was q QUICK find for a record amongst all in CRM.

Hope this will save someone some time in troubleshooting it.

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