Recently Microsoft has released its second major update (October one).

Although this adds some new and cool features to CRM, at the same time some of you might be affected by strange changes in the system.

First of all, I should thank for the solution to my friend and ex-colleague Svetoslav Tsokov for discovering this solution after I share the problem with him.

Inside some entities, I noticed that when creating or modifying a Note activity, in the Unified Client Interface (UCI) it posts on the timeline the Status of the Note and not my name (or the name of the user performed the change).

This problem affected already created and newly created Tasks.

Looking left and right for an explanation on why this is happening and considering the limited options to influence on the CRM system post for an activity, Svetoslav Tsokov proposed the following surprising solution.

If we modify the form for the entity where we experienced this issue and open the timeline (NOTES PANE) properties.

Go to Activities and change the Display activity using to Default fields

Save and Publish form customization and everything is back to normal.

Note that once everything is back to normal you can again use Card form inside the Note settings without having the same problem again. So the options can be revered back one proper field is shown in the Activity action message.

Link to the original LinkedIn article in my profile: