Evening all,

We've had D365 live since May 2018 after migrating from AX2012 on prem.  I'll say outright that we have a good amount of customisation (around 25%) implemented by a globally recognised partner.  We've had 2 code reviews by Microsoft of the customisations and only a single major issue has come out of this which has since been resolved.

In terms of support via MS; we are on a standard package, though we are considering the TAM and a DSE offering.  The reason we are considering this is due to the plethora of issues we've had so far...

- On go live we had major issues with support which resulted in Microsoft actually recommending we use Google Chrome instead of IE (I nearly passed out when they said this!). 

- We then encountered months of dead locking issues (the upshot of which was Microsoft writing a custom patch for us; I'm unsure if it went GA). 

- Just this week, I requested our Prod environment be restored to a Sandbox environment - this took 7 calendar days, with 4 outright failures and 3 "completed" restores, only the data was at the wrong point in time (had this been a restore into prod/a DR situation, we'd probably have gone bankrupt).  

- We are going live in stages, as such we regularly need to refresh multiple Sandbox environments to support project activity, MS have just withdrew the scheduling of this meaning we need to do this manually (anyone know why??)

So... I wanted to reach out to the community to understand your experiences? 

Personally, I feel as though its a fairly immature product and has a long way to go in terms of improvements before its a solid and reliable ERP platform - would you agree that this is a fair assessment?

Has anyone gone standard support then upgraded?  Have you found it worth the six figure uplift? 

Have you had similar experinces and overcome them? 

I'm really eager to hear your journey with D365 and would relish the chance to catch up away from these forums for anyone that has either overcome or is undergoing major issues of a similar ilk to see how we can pool resources and help each other,