In my previous blog, I showed how we can create a new omni channel trial. Before you can use the trial to leverage the full capabilities of omni, the trial will need to be configured. In this blog, I’ll detail how to set up what I consider to be the base configuration of omni. This includes queue configuration and user setup.

The main things its important to remember from this process are:

  • Omni Channel Engagement Hub provides security roles which must be assigned to the agent, supervisor or admin user depending on the access required. More information on the roles can be found here.
  • In order to automatically be assigned conversations, the user must have the Omni Channel Agent role
  • In order to be visible in the Omni Channel users view, the user must have either the Omni Channel Agent or Omni Channel Supervisor role.
  • Omni Channel Engagement Hub utilises queues which are also used by D365 Customer Service Hub. However, Omni Channel Engagement Hub provides the ability to use messaging queues. Messaging queues allows conversations associated to live chat, SMS and other social channels to be routed.
  • Omni Channel Engagement Hub by default will set a capacity of 100. Omni Channel works on a capacity basis. i.e. each time an agent is assigned a conversation, depending on the type of conversation it deducts capacity from that agent. e.g. The chat channel may have a capacity of 30. Each chat conversation allocated to the agent will deduct 30 points from the agent’s capacity.
  • If configuring the voice channel via the channel integration framework – the full capacity of the agent will be utilised when they accept the call.

Hopefully this helps with a stress free setup of setting up OmniChannel