Continuing our goal towards providing our customers with reliable, fully accessible and compliant Unified Service Desk, we are announcing the much awaited General Availability of Unified Service Desk 4.1 with rich feature enhancements and improved performance.

What's New   


Unified  Service Desk with Chrome process 

    • Switch easily from one browser to another for your entire organization.  

    • Chrome pooling with enhanced performance and memory optimizations. 

    • Chrome Process is available on different Windows OS versions. 

    • More information - Chrome Process to host web applications

Admin Experience on Unified Interface  

    • Accessible and modern administrative experiences for Unified Service Desk configurations through a Unified Interface app.  

    • It uses, responsive web design principles to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation.

    • More information - Unified Service Desk Administrator App

Extend Unified Service Desk with Channel integration framework  


Cache specific configurations for agents  

    • The Configuration Cache Version option causes the client caching feature to retrieve the configuration that has undergone change from the Customer Engagement server to the agent’s desktop and avoid retrieving all configurations.  

    • More information - Cache Specific Configurations


Single sign on for Unified Service Desk

    • This feature provides an improved startup performance and user experience by authenticating users to access Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps without the need for entering the credentials multiple times.
    • More information - Single Sign On for Unified Service Desk


Stacked Notifications  

    • Show multiple stacked notifications for multiple incoming conversations. 

    • Global and session-based notifications or multiple session-based notifications are configured to be displayed at the same position stacked up

    • More information - Stacked Notifications


Performance Improvements Observed  

Our tests with out of box CRM pages show significant performance improvements over the in-market IE process. This will help bring down the average handling time and improve agent experience for USD customers. 

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For complete documentation, refer Unified Service Desk Guide

Download Link Unified Service Desk 4.1 


(This blog has been authored by Karthik Balasubramanian and Deepa Patel with the inputs from Kumar Ashutosh and Unified Service Desk feature team)