I have the Healthcare Accelerator installed, but the app appears to have an issue with correctly displaying the Practitioner entities. When I click on Practitioner, it still just displays the Patient entities. I've created a connected portal to input new records, both on the PATIENT360 form and PHYSICIAN360 form, and it appears that I'm creating Practitioner records in the database, but I can't seem to display them.

I'd also like to understand better how to take the Healthcare Accelerator app and extend it -- from the source code (not the Dynamics 365 dashboard). I have the CDS solutions for healthcare github repository cloned locally (https://github.com/Microsoft/Industry-Accelerator-Health), but I haven't found any instructions how to load that source code and extend it, with relation to the healthcare accelerator. The instructions for extending the Healthcare Accelerator package appear to only be for extending it from the Dynamics dashboard: https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/healthaccelerator/posts/extending-the-microsoft-dynamics-365-health-accelerator