So The Question is........ What is Power Virtual Agent?

When you go online and speak to all of those Robotic and Boring "Live" chats on websites when you've ordered the wrong dress or want to create an appointment for your boiler. That, in a nutshell, is what Power Virtual Agent is. However, this is the Era of PowerPlatform so we know this is going to be fun.

Power Virtual Agent for Customer service will allow you to create a NO CODE interactive "Bot" to ensure your customers have 24/7 support at their fingertips.

This will be done in a simple 4 Step Process - 

  • Identify Topics
  • Pick Trigger Phases
  • Build Conversation Paths
  • Test as you build

In this series of blogs i will cover how to create Topics, Trigger Phrases, hand off to Microsoft Power Automate, Variables & a few Best Practices on how to style your chats.

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