With the first Convergence on Danish ground just a few weeks away, you may be planning your trip to Copenhagen these days. While I have no intentions of opening a traveling agency, I do hope you will have a pleasant stay in the city where I was born, and have lived my entire life.

Often while I'm away on business trips, I spend lots of time searching for local information - and often I end up bringing clothes that doesn't match the local weather, find myself eating at what-ever-restaurant-I-pass-by, and in the plane going home realize I missed the event-of-the-century just next door.


To make this Convergence the best total experience for you, do yourself a favor and visit the the site aok.dk (in english) (Alt Om København - Everything About Copenhagen). It contains all the information you'll need during your stay in Copenhagen: Hotels, Maps, Restaurants, Shopping, Flight information, Weather, Transportation, Sight seeing, Events, Currency, etc.

For the record, I'm not affiliated with aok.dk or the renewable energy industry - the wind turbines will be your first and last sight of Denmark, if you remember to look out the windows of the plane.

I hope you'll have a wonderful stay in Copenhagen - see ya at Convergence.