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Today is a big day for the engineering teams at Microsoft working on R3. We are reaching the important ZBB milestone. ZBB is one of the final internal checkpoints before releasing. It signals that there are zero active product defects known and planned for the release. Reaching ZBB is by no means an easy win. It requires maintaining a bug fix rate higher than the bug discovery rate for a lengthy period of time. It also requires significant coordination and team collaboration to have all teams reach this criteria at the same time.   

One part of reaching ZBB is to have zero best practice errors across the entire code base. I’m happy to announce that R3 will ship with zero best practice errors despite the significant increase in code base.

Once again; I’m awestruck by the energy, effort, diligence and dedication demonstrated by the Microsoft Dynamics teams to bring this important release to market.

More to follow, as the release draws nearer…