Sometimes we hear that customers are overwhelmed by the number of BP issues that they have to deal with in their code. Very often this is caused by the fact that the customer has not adequately limited the set of rules to apply against his codebase. One of the reasons for this is that whenever a new model is created, it starts out having all rules enabled.

The set of rules to validate is expressed in metadata within the normal metadata file structure: In the file called BPRules.xml in the model metadata folder (say, c:\packages\FleetManagement\FleetManagment\AxRuleSet\BPRules.xml) you will find a list of the rules (identified by their monikers) to run for that model. This is the file that is maintained using the Best Practice dialog:

This may be confusing, since normally artifacts represented in metadata are added to models, and are not considered "global" in this way.

So make sure that you are using only the rules that are applicable for your model, rather than the set of all BP rules which is the current default. The BPRules.xml file from the ApplicationSuite model should be fine for most cases, so you could easily copy that file (dealing with the source control implications) to your model to get a good start.