We are have a custom entity called "Estimate" and have created word template, when we create estimate we also selected a respective template as required.

Template have correct mapping, few fields datatype is TEXT and few field data type is "Whole Number" ex Revision Number, Revision, we have a flow which will copy/select template and move it to sharepoint folder.

Since this is estimate sometime we have to create revisions for the same estimate till we close the deal with customer.

Issue : when we use "Export to PDF"  template works fine shows correct value for text field and whole number value for all the revision done ex R0, R1, R2 etc, but when we open same template from sharepoint site and download to check the template for the 1st time we see correct value for Text fields and as well as for whole number field i.e R0, but when we have revision done on estimate and download  the template from  sharepoint, template will not show revised value ex R1, R2  it  will only shown R0.

Below screen shot of estimate template with couple of revisions -  when using "Export to PDF"- Revision =4 & Revision number =5  - shows correct value works fine

Below screen shot of same estimate template with couple of revisions -  when using sharepoint Revision =0 & Revision number =1 - which is not correct it should have shown 4/5 respectively

 Could anyone share us solution /steps for trouble shooting on above issue.

Thank you in advance