The Preview Early Access Program (PEAP) is a way for partners, customers, and ISVs to access public preview builds for testing purposes, participate in community discussions on Yammer, and is a channel to provide feedback to our R&D teams for the build. I always apply the latest PEAP builds to stay current on upcoming bug fixes and to test new features.

If you find issues with the build, you also receive direct support from our Engineering team for issues you encounter. It is important to note that these builds are intended for development and test cloud deployments only and cannot be used in production.

If you are interested, you can sign up by joining the Insider Program here and then filling out the PEAP survey here. If selected and you are approved to join the program, you will be added to a private Yammer group and receive an invite to a PEAP Assets project.  

Below I will walk you through how to copy the deployable package for the preview and apply it to your environment. To follow these steps you must have joined the Insider/PEAP programs and received your invite.

Copying the deployable package from the PEAP Assets project:

Click the PEAP Assets project in LCS.

A screenshot of the PEAP Assets library in LCS.

Click on Asset library under More tools.

A screenshot of the Asset library tile for the PEAP Assets project in LCS.

Click Software deployable package under Select asset type. This is where you will find the latest PEAP releases.

A screenshot of the Software Deployable packages in the PEAP Asset project. You can see the latest PEAP builds released here.

To use this release in your own LCS projects, you will need to import it to your Shared Asset Library. To do this, put a checkmark next to the release you want to import and click the Save To My Library button.

A screenshot of the prompt after importing the deployable package. It states the file was saved to your shared asset library.

After you get the above prompt that it has been saved, click OK. It has copied the deployable package to your Shared asset library which you can access via your LCS homepage. However, to get this package to appear in the list of available updates to apply to an environment, we need to import it into the Asset library of the LCS project containing the environment we wish to update.   

Applying the Update:

Navigate into the LCS project that contains he environment you wish to update.

Click the Asset library tile under More tools in the project.

Click Software deployable package under Select an asset type. This will open the available software deployable packages for your project. You’ll notice the PEAP one is not here, so we will import it.

Click Import and locate the PEAP deployable package that was copied to your Shared asset library.
A screenshot of the Software deployable packages screen with the import button highlighted.

Click your PEAP deployable package to select it and then click the Pick button. Your selection will now appear as an available update to apply to your environments in this project.

Navigate to the environment you wish to update (in the same project you’ve imported the deployable package to).

From the environment details page, click the Maintain drop down and click Apply updates.

A screenshot showing the selection screen for deployable packages after clicking to apply an update.

Click the deployable package you imported in previous steps (in my case, it’s the PEAP 10.0.20 package). Click Apply.

Read the following prompts carefully to confirm this is the package you wish to deploy and click Yes to the prompts to proceed.

Your update containing the PEAP deployable package will become queued and begin deploying soon! You can now monitor and validate the update as normally.  
An icon showing that the update is queued in LCS.

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