Our company has two shifts. The all-in-one day one works fine.

We have a 2nd shift that works from 3:45pm to 2:15am, with two paid breaks and an unpaid lunch break, for a total of 10 hours of paid time. All the time should appear on the date when the person started work. In other words, if Stu clocks in at 3:45pm on Monday and works until 2:15am on Tuesday, all the time should appear on time registrations as Monday - when one goes to approve, when a timesheet is printed, when time is transferred. We calculate OT based on total hours worked, not per day. The schedule is four ten-hour days (M-Th) and three non-working days (F, Sa, Su). People may occasionally work OT on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. People literally clock-in, using a time-clock and a barcode scanner. We don't use AX to actually run payroll - we export the times and submit it to ADP.

I'm trying to think of other relevant information you need.

Using the settings below, I was able to finally get a shift that started on Monday to appear on Monday's time registrations. I tried every combination of the "Push" and "24 Hour Period Start" fields, and this is the only combo that worked and showed time on the day the person first clocked in. It seems completely counter-intuitive, I know. Currently, all 7 days are set up the same.

When approving, however, there is always an error that the time for the previous day has not been entered. For instance, if you're just approving one day (such as Tuesday), you get an error that you must enter an absence *for Monday*. You cannot resolve it by adding an absence on Tuesday - you must go back to the previous day, and so-on-and-so-forth.

I tried changing Sunday's hours to end before midnight, but that didn't end the cycle.

Does anyone know what these settings should be?