Hi all,

I have an issue with the income statement report. My IS has row, column and report definition (no report tree), and has detail level set to: Financial, Account, Transactions. 

When I generate the report, summary report displays the % of sales calculation, but on the account level it displays only for totals, not for individual accounts. 


Sales account #1 $10 0%

Sales account #2 $10 0%

Sales account #3 $10 0%

Total sales: $30 100%

How can I fix it? 


I have CBR formula set up as the top row on the row definition, I use only one CBR. Column definition has a formula for the baserow, format is set to %. 

Link to Financial Dimensions includes main account category mostly. Rounding is set to whole dollars. MR version is 2.12.15000.56.

I'm relatively new to MR, so it's possible if I miss something obvious.