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How to Change Units of Measure in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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How to Change Units of Measure in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Managing your inventory with different units of measure (like pounds, gallons, or pieces) can be tricky, but Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easier. Let's talk about how to work with different units for your items and make sure everything adds up correctly.
 Starting with the Basics
The main unit of measure is like the home base for your item. It's important to pick the smallest unit you use for tracking. For example, if you deal with liquids and use gallons, set gallons as your base and then relate other units (like a 5-gallon bucket) to this base.
 Changing Units When You Have Inventory
If you want to change the main unit but already have items in stock, Business Central won't let you change it directly because it could mess up your inventory numbers. You have two ways around this:
1. Zero Out Inventory: You can temporarily adjust the item's inventory to zero, make the change, and then adjust it back. This method keeps everything accurate but needs careful handling.
2. Create a New Item: Another way is to make a new item card with the correct unit setting, transfer the old item's inventory to this new one, and then stop using the old item card.

Changing units of measure in Dynamics 365 Business Central helps keep your inventory straight and makes sure you're always on top of your stock levels.
Remember, managing these units well means your business can run smoother and you can avoid headaches with inventory counts and orders. Keep things simple from the start, and you'll save time and effort down the line.

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