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Telemetry Insights is available now for Public Preview in the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal

We are excited to announce the Public Preview of Telemetry Insights in the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal.

Telemetry Insights detects optimization opportunities based on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform environment usage patterns and provides next-step, action-based guidance grounded in Microsoft’s Success by Design framework. Users will be able to see specific result details to further evaluate the recommendation and take action.

Telemetry Insights results are based on a pre-defined ruleset that spans across performance, customizations, feature usage, deprecation awareness and business process.

Telemetry Insights is a powerful tool that can help you make the most of your Dynamics 365 environments. To get started, visit the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal and use our self-service Setup Telemetry guide. The self-service guide will walk you through the necessary steps to enable Telemetry Insights results for the environments provided (including data consent for privacy, if required).
See Telemetry Insights in action:

Next Steps
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