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CustomerSource Makeover for Dynamics GP

Terry R Heley Profile Picture Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee

Who Moved My Dynamics GP Downloads? 

Back in October, changes were made to PARTNERSOURCE and now you guessed it, we need to remodel CustomerSource too.  Overall, these changes are positive and will give users a better experience when trying to find information for our products..

In the backend, we are still using File Exchange and you will be required to use your login to download  products.  It is just the front appearance to the user will change a bit.

To help get you started I wanted to give you some quick direct links to pages you may need as you go through the new site, like a cheat sheet.

As you have probably noticed over time, Microsoft in general is moving everything to  Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This was one of the considerations as we built on top of the open GitHub platform any user can submit documentation changes for the greater good of all.

The KB's, TK's (we used to call them, gosh I'm old) are now searchable on the main support page for any product. Tip would be to search by name of what you want vs KB number .  Example: GP copy company.
This will pull up are beloved KB 872709 - Set up a test company that has a copy of the live company.  The KB number itself is no longer in the link of the articles as it used to be.

Documentation for Dynamics GP is stored on the DOCS site as well.  What is great about DOCS is all users have the ability through GitHub to update this documentation with information to help other users, how awesome is that!

Now to the important stuff, where can I download information:

The directory / resource page for Dynamics GP that has everything summarized for you is still available if you are used to moving about the cabin in that fashion.

Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Service Packs for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Tax & Regulatory Updates for Dynamics GP

Hot Topics & Upgrade Paths

Management Reporter

Product Release Downloads for Microsoft SQL Server (Runtime)

To access Registration Keys go to the Business Center

Below are also some of the most common areas people need help with so wanted to have this accessible to you.

You can Chat or submit an Inquiry to Sales Operations for assistance regarding product orders, ordering policy, licensing, registration keys, etc. to the Microsoft Regional Operations Centers (ROC) which can answer your non-technical support questions

If you are having issues finding a download or information online, we have a team dedicated to helping you through the site email MBS Online Experience

There are times when we cannot login with your profile or you have a new user/passwords need to be reset or setup, if that is the case, please reach out to

And last if you want to talk to the most technical folks, you can find that are passionate to help you with your Dynamics GP issue, create a case with technical support!

In closing to go with my theme above, the biggest tip to help you stay prepared is to never settle for how things currently are. Then, you will be ready to move when the cheese moves. By doing so, you will never become extinct.

That also goes to say Dynamics GP is not dead, it is not extinct it has a LIFECYCLE to support.  Microsoft is dedicated to deliver features to you over the next few years along with tax and regulatory changes.  We have a strong community and customer base, do not let the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) cloud your decision.

Don't worry we are all here to support you through this time and this too shall come to pass :-)


Terry Heley



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    Microsoft CustomerSource is changing. Overall, these changes are positive for our Microsoft Dynamics
  • Community Member Profile Picture Community Member UG Leader
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    Microsoft CustomerSource is changing. Overall, these changes are positive for our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients, but it can be a bit challenging until you get used to it. The site still uses File Exchange...