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Important changes coming to technical support workflow and how you create a support case

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Happy Friday Everyone!

As the saying goes... change is always good, be flexible adapt to change, have a growth mindset, a lot of buzz words we have all heard.

Well strap on your seatbelts, as we have a few more changes coming your way around how you create a support case to get help with the Microsoft Dynamics GP product.  Those of us that have been around the block a time or two will probably notice most of the change so thus the blog to help you navigate your way through the waters.

Microsoft is working to modernize the support experience for Dynamics customers and partners. As part of this change, we will be removing the ability to create and view technical support requests in CustomerSource and PartnerSource. This change will be effective on March 15, 2019.

After March 15th, partners and customers will be redirected from PartnerSource and CustomerSource to create and view technical support requests. For online products, PartnerCenter will be the home portal with redirections to the specific product experiences for Dynamics 365, Azure and Office 365. For Dynamics on-premises products, partners and customers will be redirected to

This change only impacts how partners and customers create and view technical support incidents. There are no changes to existing support plans and SLAs. PS/CS login credentials will be recognized, and any prepaid or performance-based incidents will be available in the new support experience.

Please note also that partners will continue to create and view Operations support incidents through PartnerSource and PartnerSource Business Center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is changing?

After March 15, 2019 partners and customers will no longer be able to create and view technical support incidents on PS/CS. Instead, they will be redirected to new support portals based on the products they are requesting support for.

Why is Microsoft making this change?

Microsoft is working to streamline and improve the support experience across our product portfolio. As part of this effort, we are consolidating workflows from legacy portals to our modern support experiences.

What happens to my existing technical support incidents on March 15?
Existing technical support incidents that were created in PS/CS will appear in

How will this change impact partners?
This change only impacts how partners create and view technical support incidents. For partners supporting on-premises products, there are some differences in the legacy p
ortal compared to what currently is available in PartnerSource.

These differences include:

* No field to select “customer name” when creating a support ticket. Partners wishing to track this information should include the customer name in the title of the incident they are escalating to Microsoft.

* No consolidated view of support incidents per partner or customer organization. does not currently provide an admin type role that would allow one or more people from the partner organization to view all support incidents created by all others in the organization. Please review the guidance in the training documentation with a suggestion on how to manage this change with a type of account.  Currently there is an issue where you are not able to view your past cases you created.  We are working to get this corrected, so a user can see the cases they had created.

* AAD accounts are not allowed to pay with a credit card on  Users will have to login with a Microsoft account such as or

Where can I get help or more information?

Please contact your Service Account Manager for assistance with these changes.

Here is a KB that walks you through creating a support case

If you need further assistance to create a support case call 1-888-477-7877​, if you have issues with your profile email


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