Hi, community. 

As most of you (I think) I started my career with  C/AL. What is Visual Studio I heard only from other "real" developers :) Well, I tried it a long time ago in university, but to use it in my professional life - never. 

And now we have ... Visual Studio Code. I remember my first feelings: fear that all c/al experience will be lost. But the world is better place, than we think about it sometimes. And with Visual Studio code, we got AL extension for it. Thanks to gods and to Microsoft.  I thought that now is very good moment to start learning this tool with you. And to share some insights on how to do basic features in it. 

I will create a series of short youtube videos about:

The app will be called "NAV in the air". It will allow to purchase and sell aircrafts, register take-off and landing.

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