When I tried to uprade an organization from CRM2015 to CRM2016 I hade a Time out error : “The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.  The wait operation timed out“.

I checked on google and I read that “You cannot import your CRM 2015 database to upgrade to CRM 2016 if it has a Full Text Catalogue. Something that is likely if you have been using the improved searching functions of CRM 2015.

To fix this problem, we have two possibilities: First one is to disable the Full-search for Quick find on CRM2105 before to migrate. But I don’t know but You need to wait a full 24 hours from the time you change this setting before you attempt to import (or backup to import) the organization into a CRM 2016 environment.



if you need to resolve problem in fast way there is the second solution: This one is an update script directly on databse but it is not supported. The steps are the following:

  1. Restore backup from CRM 2015 database
  2. On the SQL manager, select the Database in question, and select “New Query” (our 2015 dates restore is demo_2016_MSCRM)s2
  3. In the new Query window. Paste the following code and click Execute
    declare @catid int
    select @catid=fulltext_catalog_id from sys.fulltext_catalogs where name='CRMFullTextCatalog'
    declare c cursor for
     select sys.tables.name, sys.fulltext_indexes.unique_index_id from sys.fulltext_indexes inner join sys.tables on sys.fulltext_indexes.object_id = sys.tables.object_id where sys.fulltext_indexes.fulltext_catalog_id=@catid
     open c
     declare @TableName varchar(200), @UniqueID as integer
     fetch next from c into @TableName, @UniqueID
     while @@fetch_status = 0
     declare d cursor for
     select sys.indexes.name, sys.tables.object_id from sys.tables inner join sys.indexes on sys.tables.object_id = sys.indexes.object_id where sys.tables.name=@TableName and sys.indexes.index_id = @UniqueID
     open d
     declare @KeyIndex varchar(200), @object_id as integer
     fetch next from d into @KeyIndex, @object_id
     if @@FETCH_STATUS <> 0 
     Print 'Error with' + @TableName
     while @@fetch_status = 0
     Print 'CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON [dbo].'+@TableName+' KEY INDEX ['+@KeyIndex+'] on([CRMFullTextCatalog]) WITH (CHANGE_TRACKING AUTO)'
     Print 'GO'
     declare e cursor for
     select sys.columns.name from sys.columns inner join sys.fulltext_index_columns on sys.columns.object_id=sys.fulltext_index_columns.object_id and sys.columns.column_id=sys.fulltext_index_columns.column_id where sys.columns.object_id=@object_id
     open e
     declare @ColumnName varchar(200)
     fetch next from e into @ColumnName
     while @@fetch_status = 0
     Print 'ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX ON [dbo].'+@TableName+' Add ('+@ColumnName+')'
     Print 'GO'
     fetch next from e into @ColumnName
     close e
     deallocate e
     END TRY
     print 'Error' + @KeyIndex
     fetch next from d into @KeyIndex, @object_id
     close d
     deallocate d
     fetch next from c into @TableName, @UniqueID
     close c
     deallocate c

    The complete script is on my Github: DisableFullTextSearch-Catalog.sql

  4.  When the query executes successfully. Copy to the Clipboard all of the “Message” output in the bottom half of the screen to your clipboard.s3
  5. Now Expand the “Storage / Full Text Catalogues” section of the Database in question and select Properties. s4
  6. Select Table / Views. Using the the little Left pointing arrow. s5Click it as many times as needed to move all the items on the right to the left. Like this:s6
  7. Once finished, select he Script Dropdown and select “Script Action to New Window” (or just click on OK both actions should work)s7
  8. Now Close all the Management for the SQL Server. This is Important.
  9. Upgrade your CRM database the normal way using the Microsoft Dynamics Deployment Manager / Organisations / Import Organisation
  10. Once the upgrade has finished and you have your database imported and upgraded to CRM 2016, Open the SQL manager for the database in question again, and run a new query against the database as we did in step 3 above.This time however we are going to paste the output we captured to clipboard in step 4 above, and run that output as a script.s9
  11. Click Execute again. And you should be rebuilding the database indexes to a state that will function with the new CRM upgraded database.

Source are :

  • community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/t/184508
  • interactivewebs.com/blog/index.php/crm/crm-2016-import-upgrade-from-crm-2015-failure-timeout-expired/








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