Service Update 9.0.8 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises) 9.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 9.0.8.

Check the Knowledge Base article here: KB4515519


Update package Version number
Service Update 0.9 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises) 9.0

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

Update information

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (on-premises) Update 0.9 is now available.

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online and on-premises) Update 0.9 package now.

Service Update 0.9 resolves the following issues:

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.


  • A scrollbar was missing from the Report Filtering Criteria Lookup in the Report Wizard when multiple records were selected.

Platform Services

  • The wrong organization's data was returned when performing a RetrieveMultiple.

Unified Interface

  • Account records could not be merged when the Address entity was present in an associated view.
  • Dynamics 365 emails sent in right-to-left format displayed in left-to-right format.
  • When accessing a particular HTML file with a specified payload, the XSS payload in the URL was executed and displaying alerts.
  • XSS triggered on the first and last names of an account when a note in the "Process Name" field was filled out.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures 

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.

Sitewide Platform

  • An error intermittently occurred when attempting to install Dynamics 365 ("...Could not acquire Write lock in time 30,000 milliseconds...").


  • An error occurred when selecting the file name of a sales attachment.

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Walter Carlin

Senior Premier Field Engineer | Dynamics 365 CE | Microsoft Corp.