The Christman Company (Christman) is one of the largest construction contractors in the US, with ten office locations across the country and over 500 employees. As the company grew, the use of spreadsheets and multiple digital platforms was not providing a complete 360-degree view of customers, sales processes, or ongoing projects. Christman identified a need for a centralized platform to provide complete visibility into opportunities and data assets as well as capabilities to track sales processes and manage contacts.

We recently sat down with the team at Christman, including Angela Bailey, Vice President of Brand Strategy and Communications, and Russell Knorp, Application Developer, to hear how Microsoft Dynamics 365 has transformed their business processes [read the full case study here.]

dynamics 365

Why did you seek out a CRM platform?

“We knew we had data in different silos spread across multiple platforms, but we didn’t have a centralized way to manage our contacts or opportunities, so we did our research and knew we wanted a CRM product.”

How did you choose Dynamics 365?

“One thing about Dynamics 365 that I’ve appreciated so far has been the ability to integrate data from other systems. The fact that it has the API well defined makes integrating easy. One of our core values is creating lasting relationships, and Dynamics 365 helps us manage those relationships, long before a project actually emerges.”

How has Dynamics 365 impacted your business?

“We’re able to capture the history of an opportunity and the progression to close a lot better than we used to. We have also been able to integrate and eliminate one of our silos of data in order to look at all of our information and see where we are at with our open opportunities list. We can quickly sort by region and pull out highlights of what’s happening.”

“From the management perspective, it’s been really great to have a dashboard of information that our business development leader can bring up for us to review together. We have company-wide management team meetings where we can look at what we call our ‘grow dashboard’, which surfaces information about what we have in our sales pipeline and the active milestones for our open opportunities. Additionally, reporting on our sales activities and progress used to be a manual process for us and that’s where Power BI came in. Our reports are now automated and much easier to process.”

How did you choose PowerObjects as your partner?

“One reason that we came to PowerObjects was their specialization in CRM. It being PowerObjects’ primary line of business and focus was huge for us. I don’t think we could have gotten through the last development without the expertise of the two PowerObjects analysts that worked with us and our sales representatives’ expertise in guiding us towards the right overall solution for our business.”

To learn about the next steps The Christman Company wants to take with Dynamics 365 and to read their full case study, click here. For more customer success videos and stories, be sure to explore our Customer Success page.

Happy D365’ing!