Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 has a lot of great new features, but my personal favorite is its seamless Outlook integration. I am like most of you out there and have my Outlook open all day, every day, no matter what project I’m working on. Its interface is easy to use and it keeps me on track when multiple projects land in my lap.

The native Outlook Client Experience of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brings a number of enhancements to the table, helping you increase your personal productivity:

-        You can see your Outlook emails, contacts, appointments in addition to all the CRM information for your client contacts.

-        You can convert an Outlook email to a sales opportunity that seamlessly tracks all conversations and data in one system. No more copy/pasting your notes from Outlook to CRM!

-        You can view the list of CRM features in the left hand navigation pane within your Outlook interface.

-        You can have access to contextual help that walks you through sales processes.

-        You can easily convert CRM data to a bar chart with one click of your mouse:

-        You can assign flags for your tasks within CRM that align with your Outlook tasks for days, weeks, and even months ahead.

-        You can create new rules for specific opportunities so they are easily filtered and viewed through Conditional Formatting. You can even see frequently used fields when setting up your personal preferences so you know what’s more applicable to you without involving IT or administrators.

As you can see, the functionality available through the next generation Outlook client of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is well worth looking into. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Chicago IL Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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