A little something I put together to help ease the pain some might be feeling by not having the left navigation pane CRM 2011 and its predecessors had. It gave users a quick way to navigate to different tabs on long forms and easily show full pane views of related records.


CRM 2013 doesn't include a way to navigate between tabs and navigating to the related records from the navigation bar can be a bit of a chore, especially if you have a lot of relations and need to also scroll horizontally.


The solution I came up with is just a few web resource files, the main being an HTML file that can be embedded in a form that will display a set of links to the various tabs and related records for the entity.


I recommend placing this in the footer of the form so that it remains visible at all times. It can be placed in the header of the form but the unfortunate part is that you lose the editable header tiles in the new entity forms.

A few few features I've built in:
  • Optionally show only tabs, only related records, or both
  • Optionally configure which tabs or which related entities are displayed
  • Sensitive to tabs or navigation items being hidden or shown via JavaScript
  • First link under related entities brings you back to the main record form
  • Should play well with existing header or footer fields - items will wrap in the available space
Check it out and provide feedback: