An Unexpected error occurred is displayed in CRM UI and The below exception is logged in Event Log on CRM Front End Server.

Exception information:
    Exception type: COMException
    Exception message: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706D9)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.ActiveDsWrapper.NameTranslateClass.Init(Int32 lnSetType, String bstrADsPath)
   at Microsoft.Crm.ADNameUtility.Rfc1779NameFromGuid(Guid guid)
   at Microsoft.Crm.SecurityUtils.CheckMembership(Guid principalId, Guid groupId)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Caching.OrganizationSettingsCacheLoader.LoadCacheData(Guid key, ExecutionContext context)


1. Go to the following registry hive:
2. Add a new String value that is named PreferredDc.
3. Specify the domain controller that you want. Typically, this is the closest domain controller.
4. Execute IISReset.