Marketing and sales: Far too often these teams work separately, despite the latest technologies for marketing activities and controlling sales processes.

The price you pay for disparate marketing and sales processes are a loss of efficiency and sales opportunities: inconsistent lead qualification, leads are lost when handed over, lower revenue, and more.

How do I align my marketing and sales processes?

According to MarketingProfs, aligning your marketing and sales can lead to higher customer retention rates (36 %) as well as higher sales win rates (38 %). The first step you can take is not a difficult one: give both departments access to the same information.

The business applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you with just that. Both Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Sales are built on the same platform and can thus be combined; thus it becomes much easier to track the results from both departments as well as to implement changes more effectively without data silos.

An example:

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