When trying to import (actually update) an unmanaged solution, the import process failed due to an error in the ribbon of an existent entity. Pretty odd I didn’t modify it since last import.

I downloaded the log file and found the actual error message which was:


Found more than one RibbonDiff entity

Did some research and found it is a known issue, documented in this KB article.


What the above article suggests is that there may be duplicate LocLabel nodes with same LocLabel Id. Nevertheless, after opening my customizations.xml I couldn’t find any duplicates.


In my case, what I did to sort out this problem was:

  • Open solution zip file and edit customizations.xml (back it up first, obviously Smile with tongue out)
  • Completely replace the whole node with just an empty one:
  • Just leave it as is: “
  • Import the solution. This time, it should work and import process should complete successfully.
  • Publish customizations
  • Undo the changes to customizatinos.xml file, restoring the original node.
  • Import again the solution.
  • It should work again Smile.

Hope it helps to save you some time.


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